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Artist Resume


  • Master of Fine Arts uOttawa 2021

  • Recipient of Canada Council Research and Creation Grant

  • Represented by Sivarulrasa Gallery, Almonte

  • Former Member of Enriched Bread Artist Studios (EBA)

  • Recipient of City of Ottawa Artistic Creation Grant in 2016, 2018

  • Participant in Society is a Workshop at the Banff Centre

  • City of Ottawa Public Art Collection

  • Master's in Art Education from Concordia University




July 2021                                       Hare in Situ, Theatre Labo uOttawa

March - May, 2019                       Ruptured Planes, Espace Pierre-Debain, Gatineau

October-December, 2017           Rewind: Topologies of Time, Mississippi Valley Textile Museum , Almonte

September, 2016                          Shadow Play, Blink Gallery, Ottawa

August, 2015                                 Artist Residency, Blink Gallery, Ottawa

September, 2013                           Table Top Cosmologies, Blink Gallery, Ottawa

June, 2013                                     Skyline and Coastline, The Philosopher's Knoll at the Banff Centre

February, 2013                              Tight Laced, Centre Point Theatre Gallery, Nepean

August-September, 2012            Private Sea and Social Tea Maps, Blink Gallery, Ottawa

September, 2010                           Featured Artist at Tree Reading Series, Arts Court, Ottawa

August, 2010                                 Between the Lines, Blink Gallery, Ottawa

October, 2006                               In Transit, Dovercourt Recreation Centre, Ottawa

November, 2004                          Archways and Stitch-Lines, Gallery 1313, Toronto

April, 2004                                     Public Composure, Private Exposure, Mitzi's Sister, Toronto


October, 2021                                This Seasons Colours, Enriched Bread Artist Studios, Ottawa 

October, 2017                                In and Out of the Cake, Enriched Bread Artist Studios, Ottawa 

October, 2016                                Meat Meet, Gallery 101, Ottawa

March, 2015                                  The Department of Collective Trauma, subDevision Theatre at the EBA, Ottawa

September, 2013                           Blink Night Café (Nuit Blanche), Blink Gallery, Ottawa

May, 2013                                      Tea and Taboo, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff

May, 2012                                      Coffee House Cartography, Chinatown Remixed Ottawa

October, 2006                               The Cake Show, Toronto Alternative Fashion Week

September, 2006                          The Cake Show, Pukka Reopening, Ottawa


November, 2023                           Les artistes de cent trente-cinq portes overtes

August, 2023                                Under Construction, Patrick Gordon 

Feb -Mar, 2022                             Abound (MFA Group Exhibition), Ottawa Art Gallery

August, 2018                                 Collective Record, Ottawa Art Rental and Sales Gallery, Ottawa

October, 2017                                Enriched Bread Artist Studios Open House, Ottawa

June - August, 2017                     Instructors Showcase, Ottawa School of Art Gallery (Orleans), Ottawa

September, 2016                           Enriched Bread Artist Studios Open House, Ottawa

April-May, 2015                            Broad Spectrum, Railbender, Ottawa

October, 2014                                Enriched Bread Artist Studios Open House, Ottawa

June, 2014                                     New Works, Blink Gallery, Ottawa

March, 2014                                   Studio Café and Gallery Fundraiser, Ottawa

December, 2013                            (In)habitus, Read Head Gallery, Toronto

October, 2014                                Enriched Bread Artist Studios Open House, Ottawa

August-September, 2012             Instructor's Showcase, OSA Gallery, Ottawa

July-September, 2012                  City of Ottawa’s Fine Art Collection Recent Additions, City Hall Gallery

May 26, 2012                                  Arts Park, the QUAD, Ottawa

May 12, 2012                                  Chinatown Remixed, Ottawa

April-June, 2012                           Cross-Pollination, Fleurbain, Montreal

November-December, 2011       Collectables, Ottawa Art Rental and Sales Gallery

September, 2011                            Culture Days, Stables Art Studios, Ottawa

May, 2012                                       Arts Park, the QUAD, Ottawa

August-September, 2011             Instructor's Showcase, OSA Gallery, Ottawa

March-April, 2011                         ARTSIDA, Galerie Dentaire, Montreal

December, 2010                            Christmas Show, Orange Gallery, Ottawa

October, 2010                                Open House, Stables Art Studios, Ottawa

September, 2010                           Centre Town Arts Tour, Ottawa

March, 2010                                   YES Montreal Art Expo

May, 2009                                      A Seed Quilt and 25 Artists, Gallery Shodan, Montreal

February, 2009                             Space and Displacement, VAV Gallery, Concordia U, Montreal

July, 2007                                      Centre Town Arts Tour, Ottawa

June, 2007                                     Art in the Park, Patterson Creek, Ottawa

May 13th, 2007                              Arts Park, the QUAD, Ottawa

November, 2006                           Open House, Stables Art Studios, Ottawa

September, 2006                           Grand Opening Show, 7A Gallery, Ottawa

May, 2006                                      Arts Park, the QUAD, Ottawa

May, 2006                                      18 to 1 Odds, Phillip Craig Studio, Ottawa

April, 2005                                      Arts Park, the QUAD, Ottawa

December - January, 2005         Under 590, Art Guise, Ottawa

December, 2004                            Fabulous Pukka Art Sale, Pukka Gallery, Ottawa

December, 2004                           Christmas Salon Show, Engine Gallery, Toronto

August, 2004                                 Square Foot Show, AWOL, Toronto

January, 2004                               Metroscapes, Gallery 1313, Toronto

December, 2003                           Christmas Salon Show, Engine Gallery, Toronto

August, 2003                                 Square Foot Show, AWOL, Toronto

August, 2003                                 Art Meets Fashion, Gallery 1313, Toronto

June, 2003                                     New Artists, Gallery 1313, Toronto


September, 2015                           Header House: The Untold History, Blink Gallery, Ottawa

September, 2013                           Blink Night Cafe (Nuit Blanche), Blink Gallery, Ottawa

September-October, 2011           Portfolio Show: School of Photographic Arts Ottawa, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa

March, 2010                                  Marginalia, the Cagibi, Montreal, QC

June, 2005                                    Parkette: In No Way Removed, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON

March – April, 2003                    Urban Skins: The Prints of George Hawken, Carleton University Art Gallery                                                                       (CUAG), Ottawa, ON

July – Sept,  2002                        Territories of Mind and Spirit: Land and Space in Inuit Art, CUAG, Ottawa ON 

Nov – Jan, 2002                          Private Myths and Public Dreams: Inuit Art and Surrealism, CUAG, Ottawa ON 

Aug – Oct, 2001                           Creatures of the World: Animals in Inuit Art, CUAG, Ottawa


2019-2021                                     MASTER OF FINE ARTS, University of Ottawa

2006-2009                                    MASTER OF ART EDUCATION, Concordia University

1993-1998                                      BACHELOR OF ART HISTORY, HIGHEST HONOURS, Carleton University
                                                        Birtha F Davis Award 1996, Osborn Memorial Award 1997,  Jack Barwick and                                                                    Douglas Duncan Memorial Scholarship for Art History 1997, Henry Marshal Tory                                                            Scholarship 1997, David A Golden Scholarship 1998

1993-1994                                      VISUAL ARTS, York University

1989-1992                                      ARTS CANTERBURY DIPLOMA VISUAL ARTS, Canterbury High School IOUD Art                                                          Award

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